Heather has an amazing ability to provide exactly the kind of massage therapy you need. I need a gentle, relaxing Swedish touch; my boyfriend needed strong, deep-tissue work. Heather can provide both. And with her many other services, she's really a one-stop wellness shop!"

-- Kathleen Palmer, 40

Over the years, I have had many different Massage Therapists ranging in all different massage therapy techniques. I have also felt discouraged, not feeling confident in their abilities and knowledge of the body. After just one treatment, not only was I feeling extremely satisfied with the treatment session, but felt very confident in her abilities. She listens to her clients and truly cares about their well being. Her techniques are like none other I have experienced and I find myself talking about Heather to family, friends and even people I don’t know who have expressed the need for Massage Therapy. I would highly recommend Heather to everyone.

-- Kristin Greathouse
Medical Office Administrator